Philosophical Pop

It’s 2012. In 2010, I wrote this about Cheryl Cole. I used to be quite hyperactive, didn’t I? Two years on, here are…
my top 5 secretly philosophical anthems 

Cheryl Cole’s been channelling the Marquis de Sade. 
Yes, you read correctly. The second teaser for the risqué Geordie songstress’ track “Call My Name” comes complete with a quote from the equally risqué 18th century philosopher. The words “the only way to a woman’s heart is along the path of torment” flash onto the screen as a scantily-clad Chez writhes around in the sewers. Although it may well be construed as a not-so-oblique reference to a reunion with ex-husband Ashley, there’s plenty of pondering to be done when it comes to pop….just don’t forget that there’s “much more life in music than mathematics or logic ever dreamed of” (Gabriel Marcel). 
Here are five tracks which could have been improved with some philosophical captions: 
“Liberal capitalism is not at all the Good of humanity – quite the contrary; it is the vehicle of savage, destructive nihilism” – Alain Badiou, revered Communist philosopher

“Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future”. – Swami Sivananda, Hindu spiritualist 

“Ignorance is the primary source of all misery and vice”. – Victor Cousin, changed the emphasis of French philosophy from Materialism to Idealism 

“I have read descriptions of Paradise that would make any sensible person stop wanting to go there”. – Charles de Secondat, popularised the term ‘feudalism’ 

“Sex appeal is the keynote of our civilization”. – Henri Bergson, author of Le Rire, 1900.
P.S.: Here’s something I wrote for the Guardian Guide a few weeks back on the HTC advert… 

The Paper Edition

This is where my famous green typing ends for a while, and you get to sample The ‘Zine. It is a magical thing when you can use paper and a pen in a cross-promotional marketing strategy inspired by THE APOCOLYPSE OF PRINT. Here we go:

The Mona Cheryl by Hannah J 'Leonardo' Davies

*Have you got any thoughts on this month’s paper-licious issue, written on pretty ancient paper my mother used whilst at university I might add? Email me: with your thoughts. A letters page might happen, y’know.

PS: Click here to watch something which touched my heart this Valentines. Vice Magazine’s VBS bring you, yes you, a Rule Britannia special six-part ‘Swansea Love Story’, focusing on addicts such as Lee Dennis, who graphically recounts his drug abuse and how he contracted Hep C in prison, as he rifles through his possessions in an Iceland bag casually. Desperate fights to get clean in a city which, according to its older inhabitants hasn’t changed…its the people who have. All in all, such deprivation, tales of sexual abuse and familial collapse are handled with class by director Leo Leigh sooo go watch. Plus, CNN thought it was noteworthy.

Listening to: JAM. I hope Liorah Tchiprout, the author of this pretty amazing playlist for use with Spotify, won’t mind me sharing it with you x x

End of my girl crush.

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