Underage Festival XMAS Special

Good evening Pips and Pipettes, everything is sweet with me, despite having a terrible cold!

Not only do I now own a fine pair of Ugg boots from the heaven that is Westfield London, along with the domain name hannahjdavies.com, I have also had my first Dazed Digital article which is here!! yes click here!!

It got on the front page too, hence my excitement…


It is about the knees-up otherwise known as the Underage Festival Xmas Special, which I was lucky enough to attend a few days ago, and rather scarily it is unedited! Just my pure nonsense alone, then…anyways, read it et puis dis-moi ce que tu penses! I’m only taking comme ca because, on my way to the fest, I met some French lads and saved them from wandering aimlessly around Kings Cross 🙂

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