My nose…

(8) My nose goes to yoga
Your nose – fruit roll-up
My nose – grade-A beef
Your nose – Mayday geek (8)

Kleenex cant bring me down
My Nose vs. Yours: Kleenex can't bring me down

Some self motivation for my bunged up beak via Mickey Avalon’s horrendous, poorly syntaxed smut-fest ‘My Dick’, and influenced by the hilarious book ‘Pop Charts’ by Paul Copperwaite. Actually, dont click that link cos I’m not in the Amazon Affiliates programme yet and wont get paid :p

Non-scrooge voice says click it, and whilst your browsing books maybe buy this too. I hate to think how this guy survives, having worn an NHS nurse’s school sex-ed prop as headgear on the interwebs…

I’m currently enjoying what is known to mere mortals as a cold or flu, as I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post. I cant make my mind up which one it is yet, but its awfully annoying. Today I was meant to be go to HEAVEN (Westfield London), and with two days til crimbo, I’m contemplating implementing some kind of pulley system by which I can receive my presents and dinner without the bane that is human contact. *insert heinously unfunny apartheid joke*

Ever been blamed for spreading your cold around? Then you’ll know what I mean. I absolutely can’t understand how some people can play Cluedo over something so trivial, yet each year it seems to be ‘was it Hannah in the bedroom with the Olbas oil?’ Its not like im spreading STDS or subliminal callyourmothershesworriedaboutyou messages.

On a lighter note, here’s what I wore to Underage on Saturday for your viewing and disecting…

© Rachel Cosford
© Rachel Cosford


Bisous, I'm off to phone my 99 year old distant auntie
and spread some yuletide love, not germs or cracker jokes x x x

5 thoughts on “My nose…”

  1. once i lived in equador but the sea was red and this made the bulls hate on me. they tried to steal my wee and sell it on ebay but there was only one and bidder and that was my buddy-opal in vampire land aka romania. this was unfortunate as ultimtly she received a bottle of evaporated urine from ones bladder.anyways back on point ii wanted the sea to be yellow like the funkydelicness of your wonderous pantyhose they truly are the dogs bollocks get me???
    peace out mofo

  2. Thanks for the tip – I’m working on colours which will suit all web browsers and screen resolutions. I wear glasses and have no trouble with the colours, but many people do.

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