Album Review and notation

Here’s a review I wrote about a fantastic album a few months ago. Even though it has been out now for quite a while now, The Golden Mile by the Peth is a great gift for Christmas! Here’s what I thought of it:

The Golden Mile
The Peth (Strangetown)

You either love or hate Rhys ‘scarecrow hair, Notting Hill’ Ifans.
The good news it that he’s not a bad musician either, having once been part of the organic collective which forbore SFA. Away from the tabloids, his band, The Peth have made their debut with ‘The Golden Mile’.
It stuck its middle finger in my face from the first listen, but managed to delicately caress my cheek whilst it was there, too. Gravelly vocals and a punchy attitude sit comfortably with melodic yet gritty subject matter, à la Elbow. It is hedonistic, indulgent and lacking in general direction, but there was something endearing about it nevertheless.

The Golden Mile is about having a good time, as ‘Let’s Go Fucking Mental’ and ‘69 Fanny Street’ (just a street…no innuendo there…) would suggest.
All but a few of the ten tracks are ridiculously catchy, and fortunately steer clear of the pretentiously long guitar solos, gospel choirs and cameos which could easily spoil this album.
It would, however, be nicer to praise gruff Rhys (Ifans) without the possibility of confusion and comparison with, errm, Gruff Rhys and the band who have no doubt influenced this record.


Rhys Ifans Pictures, Images and Photos

Here’s a pic of Old Rhys himself masquerading as the Frosties kid. At Seaworld.

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