Mid-month ramble: Underage/Field Day

Hey there!

I covered Underage for The Fly as previously mentioned, please do check it out here! I’ll be working with The Fly on a freelance basis from now on so expect some more live reviews soon. Also ended up interviewing Ed and Suren (Bombay Bicycle Club) w/ Time Out – no video yet but here’s a picture of me with the boys, talking kidnap, European festivals and going back to the future for album number 3:

Image credit - Frank Sale

So that was Friday.

The following day I got myself back to Vicky Park to work behind the scenes at Field Day, the older brother of Underage. There was plenty to sort out and I donned about a billion wristbands (unfortunately had to cut them all off before starting an internship the following week). Being a diligent worker (e.g.: sitting around eating sausages and mash in between working at the media tent and box office) meant that I only had time to catch Anna Calvi’s set. Resembling the YSL ‘Elle’ print ad (hair slicked back, good tailoring) she was captivating and intense, even though the crowd appeared mostly unreceptive, if not indifferent. Field Day was great and I met some really nice people like Trekstock founder Sophie Epstone, who is a real inspiration for young people trying to make a difference. Her cause is one close to my heart, and the delivery of her message through cultural channels, events like the aforementioned, and social media is wholly inspiring.

The only Hackney festival I didn’t make it to was Apple Cart (Sunday), but you can read all about that here. 

Field Day tea towel, complete with cute (and true) proverb

Check back at the end of the month for my normal post and even more madness

HJ x

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