I love TV…

…just kidding…

Here’s something I wrote for The Graun about Young Apprentice…

As the badly-Photoshopped pic above so perfectly demonstrates, Lord Sugar is bigger and better than all of the feckless/precocious (delete as appropriate) teens in the world. Fact. The article explains this sentiment in a (slightly) more articulate manner.

Having enjoyed my review writing, I might find some more telly to pontificate about…like Living With The Amish. Fellow blogger and music lover Jordan Joice gets his episode tonight (1st December) on Channel 4 at 9pm – I can’t wait to see him get to grips with the quirks and surprises of life sans Facebook, Twitter, Blackberrys and blogging. It’s quite probable that I’ll break out in a cold sweat just watching it!

Check back for a DJ Shadow live review coming soon and much more in December (I’m the blog equivalent of an advent calendar, me).

Here's a treat for the first day of advent - a hen trip to Mexico via a holiday park in Camber Sands perhaps?!


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