VICE go to ‘Afghanistan’

Ok, so I’m a bit early for my post this month, but rest assured this is just a small segment of my blog this month!


The brilliant (and I mean this totally non-subjectively, despite what the banner may imply) have just made a new doc as part of their “Rule Britannia” series – this time it’s apropos the Afghanistan war. In the 5-part “Afghanistan In The UK” , the strange world of casualty simulation is explored at the STANTA training camp, where the spheres of acting and combat collide. There are moments of unnerving humour, but ultimately the film gives a rare look into the training which our armed forces receive and their emotions before deployment. Reality hits home via the story of a real army casualty, and footage from Wooton Bassett. In true Vice style, Andy Capper and co. deliver the stories respectfully, and with aplomb. Rather than a preachy critique of any sort, “Afghanistan In The UK” is merely a sensitive setpiece of comic and tragic proprotions, among a much larger theatre.

Click to watch:


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Or alternatively, click here to book entry to a screening and exclusive Q&A with Andy Capper on August 31st.

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