Changes to

Dear all, its time for a shake up *shakes you*… is going monthly rather than whenever-I-feel-like-it, in order to create a sense of routine by which you can follow me; call it a bodyclock or something!

I will continue to bring you the best content I possibly can, just at a regular time, which shall be the last day of every month.

I’ll be able to round up the music, fashion, lifestyle and news stories from that month, whilst also looking forward and setting my own personal humourous challenges for the month ahead. Also being launched is a time-to-time top secret collaboration with an up and coming photographer as of next month. Keep your eyes peeled for an interview, too!

Just to stress, this isn’t the end of – in fact, its just the beginning of a more efficient way of running the show. 😀

The mailer will probably be on hold for quite a while because of the changes; if you would like to keep your name on the mailing list then don’t worry, I will store the details of existing subscribers for future reference, and if you wish to join my list, then please continue to email with ‘Registering Interest’ as your subject.

Grandes Bises,


x x x x

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