:$ shit emoticons usually make me want to shoot something but I’m going to use that because my head is exam mush – can practically feel heatstroke coming on.
*vacuous bit over*
In the meantime I recommend Viceland and all of their delightful offerings, such as the roundup from Noisey @ Old Blue Last, which featured Giggs (UK rap artist du jour) and those highly contagious Vaccines with their 80s car-guitar. “What Did You Expect…” probably deserves a bit more analysis in its entirety but I’ll leave it at that (don’t want to erm over exert myself etc.)

Mail me music/biscuits/Ronan Parke jokes* and I’ll try and actually write a blog rather than something which looks like a Twitlonger from Piers Morgan.
*heat making me heartless, obviously.