Creators Project from Vice – FREE entry to an amazing party etc etc etc

Hey guys

..should explain more. This event on July 17th at Victoria House is going to be huge, lets hope that this writer manages to blag her way to the afterparty!

The event is free and open to all, but the party is invite only; register tomorrow (June 28th) to get in and see Mark Ronson *swoon* and Filthy Dukes play Vice’s biggest party, period.

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STOP PRESS: VICE VICE BABY: Mark Ronson joins the Creators Project. No horns or Zutons, promise.

Ok, so I usually blog at the end of the month, but my Mark Ronson news couldn’t wait.

This video from’s Ryan Duffy is the definitive explanation more about the man, the myth, the raspberry-blowing legend who is Mark Ronson. The goregous (totally not being subjective here) MR was recently seen on BBC’s “I’m In A Rock’n’Roll Band” giving some didactic words. He’s just as talkative here as he promotes VICE & INTEL’s Creators Project.

Not a Lindsay Lohan reference in sight unfortunately, but luckily its all music here as he analyses the craft which has helped him earn his place as the most exciting producer of the 2000s. Chronicling Winehouse’s post-Frank revamp and featuring Lily’s sexed up Kaiser Chiefs cover, Version (2007) was an instant classic.

Technology, however, is the theme of his eagerly awaited 3rd album – Record Collection – this time with new band The Business Intl. Oh, how it pleases the ear to hear Le Ronson talk of using vintage synths purchased from eBay and the bygone age of pile-em-high garage bands! His oh-so-Nintendo viral video for Circuit Breaker features here, too, as does some Tweeted wisdom.

Watch it here!!

Here’s the hot first single, Bang Bang Bang!

…There’s only one other thing you need to know: he’s single. Move over, Daisy Lowe.

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